Engineering models

Below is a selection of some of our engineering models. Engineering model making can be almost as diverse as engineering itself, but whatever type of model is required, its use falls into a number of categories, as indicated below. Please note that to protect client confidentiality we can only show less than current models.


This website only shows a very small selection of the work that we do. Please contact us for more details if required. If you are not sure if we can do it - please call us on 01902 862 601 or email us.

Teaching Models

As model makers here at Confluence Creative, we are well placed to interpret engineering ideas and put these across, as one of our modelmakers is a qualified teacher who spent 14 years putting technical ideas into a clear and understandable format, and brings a wealth of experience to your engineering model needs.


Sales Models

Industrial models can be very heavy, and large. Lighweight copies can pay for themselves the first time they are shipped. Cut-aways are much easier to do on a model too, and photos of our models often end up in sales brochures for this very reason.


Prestige Gift Models

Engineering modelmaking has many uses. Board rooms and reception area can become a real focus of interest with a scale model of your product(s), and on a number of occasions we have been asked to produce a retiring gift for a managing director that features something that has been their "baby" over their working lifetime.