architectural models

Below is a selection of some of our architectural models. We have tried to show a range of different types, as architectural modelmaking is quite a diverse subject. Please note that to protect client confidentiality we can only show less than current models.


This website only shows a very small selection of the work that we do. Please contact us for more details if required. If you are not sure if we can do it - please call us on 01902 862 601 or email us.

White Models

You may wish these to be fully white, or the new building only fully detailed.


Small Scale Architectural Model Making

Sometimes the issue to be illustrated is how a new development fits into the surrounding residential area. Often a model can be used at public meetings to allay fears.


Housing Development Models

Residential models, or "housing models", are a very convenient way of showing properties in their finished setting.


Internal Layout Models

As architectural modelmakers, part of our work is to act as interpreters for the general public, making confusing and stylised plans easily understood. Take-apart models help here, or single storey internal layout models.


Larger Scale 3D Models

In architectural modelling, this can refer to the overall size of a development, or a larger scale model which is nearer to fullsize.